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                                                    I love reflexologyTestimonials                     
   I suffer from severe pain in my feet and legs. I had been told that I probably had a pinched nerve, and my doctor ordered numerous tests.  After much thought, I decided to visit Sole Awakenings.  The results were nothing short of a miracle.  I was able to stand most of the day without the usual discomfort.  I have continued the therapy and am now getting to a point where i can allow for more time between appointments. I find this to be an excellent add on to my normal medical treatment
      I find reflexology to be as relaxing as a full body massage, but better, because you do not have to get undressed, and you don't end up with oil in your hair. I sometimes fall asleep in the chair, and yet when I leave I feel rejuvinated.  I am a firm believer in this modality. It is the best for relaxation

                     I had my fist reflexology massage at Sole Awakenings last week. I have had reflexology massages in past years and I highly recommend them for overall health and relaxation. Nancy is an excellent reflexologist and I will recommend her to my friends at line dancing, square dancing and ball room dancing. What  better life than to dance and get therapeutic massages by Nancy to stay healthy. Give it a try! You'll love it!                                                    Paula
I had gone to a reflexologist in the past, and had a difficult time finding someone who offered the type of session that I was looking for.  Nancy does an excellent job.  She applies enough pressure to get results, without causing undue pain.  I had visited several other people in the area, and felt that all I received was a simple massage.  This is not the case at Sole Awakenings.  You really do feel a difference. It is a great way to achieve relaxation. Nancy is a wonderful reflexologist.
I have been a client of Sole Awakenings Reflexology since Nancy opened the office.  Nancy is the only certified reflexologist that I could find in the Washington, Pa  area. Her skills as a reflexologist are unsurpassed.  I suffer from headaches, sciatica pain, and neuralgia.  She has given me relief in these areas. It is the ultimate in relaxation! I would recommend Sole Awakenings  to anyone looking for a reflexologist. 
I feel like dancing, dancing, dancing all night long!!  My feet are usually sore and ache all day and night, but now I have found relief.  Reflexology at Sole Awakenings  definitely makes a difference. You feel so relaxed and yet so energized at the same time.  Nancy is a great reflexologist--the best I have found.
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